Natural Planet Pet Foods


What is the percentage of organic ingredients needed to be labeled as organic…is it 100%, 90% or 70%?
There are three different types of organic categories, those include:
Are all organic ingredients also non-GMO?
Does the Natural Planet line have the same gut health and immunity benefits as Nutri Source and Pure Vita?
Natural Planet LIKE NutriSource & Pure Vita use the same Good4life Vitamin & Mineral system to insure optimal gut health and Immunity for your pet. Also, a specially sourced probiotic is used in our organic products (Natural Planet Chicken for Dogs, Natural Planet Chicken for Cats, Natural Planet Grain Free Turkey for Dogs).
What percentage of organic ingredients are used in the organic products?
Our organic canned foods are 95% or higher organic ingredients, while our dry organic foods are 70% or more.
Are these diets good for puppies?
Yes, our organic Natural Planet products are suitable for “all life stages” of a dog’s life (which includes puppies).
How is the Natural Planet line different from Nutri Source & Pure Vita?
Natural Planet uses Select Organic Ingredients where NutriSource & Pure Vita does not use Organic ingredients.
Where do you source your kangaroo, rabbit, duck, etc?
Our Kangaroo is a wild, harvested animal from Australia. Our rabbit & duck are farm-raised from France.
What are the benefits of feeding organic? vs. all natural food (like Pure Vita)?
Organic is truly a lifestyle where the Pet Parent believes that Ingredients that NON Genetically Modified are better for their pets. Organic food is not necessary better than all natural food but is truly a choice that one believes is best for their pets. Organic food is a VERY nice option to all natural food.
Are your minerals added after the cooking process?
What are the benefits of feeding a protein such as kangaroo?
Kangaroo is a unique protein for dogs that might have sensitivities to chicken, turkey, etc. proteins.
What is the difference between Oregon Tilth and USDA certification? Why are we not USDA certified?
Oregon Tilth is a certifying agency that follows and meets the USDA NOP standards. As a certifying agency, they are regulated by the USDA NOP. Our dry organic line is not “100% organic” or “organic”; therefore, we cannot use the USDA organic seal. However, that does not mean we do not meet the USDA NOP standards, it just means our product is not within those two categories, but instead falls under the “made with organic” category (70% organic). Our canned items however are “organic” and do carry the USDA organic seal on the labels.
Why are some of your product certified organic and others not?
Some product's ingredients are not readily available in order to hit 70% organic (ie. salmon).
How is the meat (kangaroo, venison, duck, etc) preserved if coming from another country?
Refrigerated shipping containers (reefers)
Are the protein sources farm raised? Or wild?
Both due to seasonal availability
Which ingredients are Non Organic and Non GMO?
The remaining non-organic ingredients in our “made with organic” Natural Planet products are produced without prohibited practices, including genetic engineering.