Natural Planet Pet Foods

Our Philosophy


At Natural Planet Organics & Natural Planet Pet Foods we know a healthy life leads to a long life. Tuffy’s Pet Foods the maker of Natural Planet Organics & Natural Planet Pet Foods has been Manufacturing Pet Food for 50 years. With our dedication to Quality Control you will be able to feed your pet our foods worry free. Our Natural Planet products include Selected NON-GMO ingredients assuring nothing but the best ingredients for your furry family member.


With increasing consumer awareness regarding food safety, balanced diets, organic and Non Genetically Modified Organism (Non-GMO) products and overall health and well-being; Tuffy’s Pet Foods has focused on creating and marketing an ever growing array of products that deliver outstanding value while addressing consumer concerns. While it is part of marketing strategy, our commitment is driven by something deeper. As pet owners, our commitment to providing the very best in nutrition for pets is focused on offering an expanding assortment of foods that feature certified organic ingredients and non-GMO ingredients as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Within Natural Planet we are focused on providing super premium pet foods that while not totally organic in nature offer organic ingredients and other specifically selected ingredients. By definition the organic ingredients are non-gmo. Many of the other ingredients while not organic are also non-gmo in origin. At this time the US Government has not issued definitive testing standards or protocols or a certification regarding GMO status. While we make a concerted and specific effort to source non-gmo products, the testing, standards and certifications that would be needed to label the food as strictly non-gmo in nature are not in place up and down the supply chain.