Natural Planet Pet Foods


Testing is an important tool to assure finished pet foods are wholesome, nutritious, tasty and safe. NutriSource Pet Foods tests the ingredients used in its products and tests the finished products to assure that the foods meet the guaranteed analysis stated on each package, to confirm the foods' nutrition, safety and taste appeal.

Testing begins with the ingredients. Ingredients are purchased only from approved suppliers who have agreed to supply ingredients that meet predetermined specifications. As each lot arrives at the factory, samples are taken before acceptance of the lot. Testing by the in-factory laboratory is conducted to confirm that the ingredient meets the specifications for key nutrients, is free from foreign material and does not contain known toxins. After testing confirms the lot meets specifications and is OK, the lot is accepted into the factory.

As each batch of each product is produced, samples are taken for testing by the in-factory laboratory. Tests are performed to make sure that the product meets the guaranteed analysis stated on the package. After tests are completed, the product is approved for packaging. A sample from each lot is retained for reference.

Periodically, samples of finished products are sent to outside laboratories for analysis to confirm that the product meets the guaranteed analysis stated on the package. This is a double check on the data from the in-factory laboratory.

Testing with real life pets: Yes, we do test our products using real pets. This is taste testing for acceptability and appeal. First, we use our own pets and those of friends. We want to know first hand that the pets do find our products highly palatable. We also want to observe pets fed our foods over time to assure ourselves that the pets are the perfect picture of health and vitality which is when we utilize the services of a professional kennel to do taste tests. We taste test our products versus key competitors to make sure our products meet our high standards of palatability. The pets in the kennel that does the taste tests are well cared for and never subjected to harsh procedures or painful testing. In fact, the dogs and cats become pet experts at discerning differences in food preference. The dogs are mostly beagles; this mid-size breed is very easy going. The cats are mixed breed, very similar to many home's pet cats. The dogs are housed in clean quarters with time for outside play, exercise and dog-to-dog interaction each day. The cats are in multi-cat open room colonies that allow pet and human interaction. The kennel even hires children to come in daily and play with the pets. These pets have regular veterinary exams and care and scheduled grooming.

Yes, our products are tested. We test the ingredients and the finished products to make sure they are wholesome, nutritious and tasty, and to make sure the products meet the guaranteed analysis on each package. We test our products to assure ourselves that real life pets find them tasty and, in fact, do thrive on our foods.