Natural Planet Pet Foods


Since starting our 9.5 year lab mix on your Duck & Whitefish in November of 2017 his energy levels have increased greatly. He's always been very active but we noticed that he was slowing down at about year 8. But is now back to his youthful self that he was a few years ago. If I could show you a video of him you'd never think he was 9.5 years old. Thank you so much.
Melissa G Surprise, AZ October 18, 2018
I just wanted to say I have been testing many different kinds of cat foods and I have to say you are by far the most superior in not only taste quality, but you are the only organic food I have found in stores so far! I only eat organic so my cats should enjoy the benefits as well! I also love that you support the Angel of Hope Foundation with each purchase. I can say I will be a long time customer, thank you!
Johanna Sacramento, CA March 18, 2015
I started using Natural Planet in March when my cats were vomiting almost every day on a different brand that I had been using for some years. They have not been sick once since March. I have told many people about it, so many people think it's common for their cat to vomit on a regular basis. I tell them it's not.also my cats became more playful and social with us! So glad a young man at the Howell store helped me the day I first bought your cat food. I told him I had always used the other brand but the past year or so the 5 and 6 year old cats seemed to be vomiting every couple of days. Sometimes right after eating, sometimes later. I had a friend who said his cat got very sick in Feb in died within a few days after he bought that brand. He researched it and many others had complaints of sick animals. SO, I was on a quest to try a small bag of something organic. He raved about your company and I am glad he did. As I mentioned, I have told others about the change in our two cats since going to the Natural Planet. I have a picture of the bag on my cell phone to share with people when they ask what the package looks like.
Stephanie Howell, MI March 18, 2015
I just got a sample of the new Natural Planet Organic dog food. Bucky loves it! I put it in his Canine Genius and he's been busy ever since. I also added some to other kibble in his dish, but guess what? He picked out the Natural Planet Organic kibbles and left the rest! Smart Boston Terrier...Thanks for a good, natural and enjoyable product!
Robin Spring Lake Heights, NJ May 10, 2013
I wandered into Choice Pet Market in Scottsdale where a very friendly employee told me the benefits of switching my mature cat from Iams and Purina to Natural Planet Organics. Wow!! What a difference in my cat! She doesn't throw up anymore and she just seems to be feeling wonderful! I am so pleased to have switched that I even convinced my friend to switch. What a great product, thank you!
Unknown Scottsdale, AZ May 10, 2013
I recently bought a 6 lb. bag of your dry Cat Formula. I have a 4 year old Sphynx named Lil' Lucy Loves A lot that is horribly prone to yeast issues which would lead to raw, scabby sores all over her body where ever she had wrinkles which is pretty much everywhere. She has medicated shampoos and various ointments that are a nightmare to use. I'm so happy to say that in the past 3 years of dealing with this she is finally scab free. She has a tiny bit of pale pinkness still but I think that's just where she's healed over the past few weeks after starting our food. Warm summer months can be a bit worse but I hope I'll be able to report back then that she is still scab free. Thank you so much for alleviating my kitties skin issues and my concern for her well being!
Unknown North Branford, CT May 10, 2013
I think you've made the most palatable dog food on the market. I got a sample and my dogs went nuts over it. The real proof was when my 15 year old corgi mix, Mabel, actually ate the food. Mabel has refused to eat any kibble for the past four years. She has tried every premium brand and all kinds of canned food. Keep up the good work. This is a really nice, quality product.
Leanne Westfield, IN May 09, 2013